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Saving The World With Crayons

Welcome to Saving The World With Crayons!!!

Joshua is a 5 year old boy with a limitless imagination!

Lately he has become aware of how children around the world are less fortunate than him and as i imagine most 5 year olds do, has struggled to understand why everybody doesn't do more to stop the suffering of innocent children that stuggle to survive, as they lack things we all take for granted.

After explaining to him that this topic is not on the forefront of everybodies minds, he asked me if there was anything he could do!!

so... here is our plan!!!

Joshua intends to use him imagination and his kind heart to offer commissioned pictures for a small charity donation!

You name it and Joshua will draw it!!

From houses to spaceships!!

They will be on A4 paper and look fantastic framed and are a small reminder that with your help we CAN Save the world just One Crayon At A Time!!!

As there are so many childrens chartities, I as his mother have struggled to pick just one, so the choice of childrens charity is up to you!

As time goes on I hope to link childrens charities to this page so donating will be easy but until then please drop us an email stating which charity you would like to donate to and i will put you in contact with them.

After some consideration we have decided to make our main charity SAVE THE CHILDREN.

Please find the donation page link below


We hope to hear from you soon!!!!


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